Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love and Nature

I just found a reason to have a child. I was in Target today picking up a few things, and I happened to walk by the kids decor aisle, and stopped dead in my tracks. There, on sale, was the cutest lamp I've ever seen. It had owls and squirrels and was a lovely shade of green. When I got home I looked up the rest of the collection and truly fell in love.

The collection is called Love and Nature, by Circo. Here is one example of the bedding available.

Look at this pink owl bank! You don't even need a child as an excuse to buy this.

Hedgehog Bean Bag!

And the aforementioned lamp. This picture does not do it justice. It has an inner shade with three cutouts, two owls and a squirrel. The green seemed to be more of a sage in the store. I absolutely adore this. It was on sale for $17.99, too! I should have snagged it.

Here is, arguably, the cutest item in the whole collection. A mushroom nightlight. Another must have.

You can find the whole collection at Target.

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